More and More Football Players Invest in NFTs

Antoine Griezmann, striker of the FC Barcelona, is part of the financial round of $50 million for the French startup based on Blockchain, Sorare. This way, the football player joins his team partner, Gerard Piqué, Benchmark, and Accel Partners, leading a remarkable financial round for the rising company.

Also, the brand got supported by Gary Vaynerchuck, VaynerMedia’s CEO, who invested in Facebook, Twitter, and Uber. And by Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.

With Griezmann’s entry, more investors within and outside the football industry consider joining this market.

And How Do Blockchain and NFTs Work?

Blockchain provides its customers with a decentralized system, validated by thousands of users globally. This system makes every transaction confidential.  Each operation has to be approved by validated members of the chain who never see the sensitive details. Thus, avoiding frauds and retentions and preserving users’ privacy.

The main NFT is Ethereum; however, this isn’t the only asset to execute operations. Blockchain runs with a myriad of cryptocurrencies. All of them operate within a secure system. And the best part, the network is applicable to any kind of industry in cyberspace.

Unlike Bitcoin, NFTs represent a unique asset, which is not interchangeable for other similar currencies. This way, the tokens represent unique items, such as collectable cards, publications, artistic works, patents, etc. As a result, publishers, artists, owners, sellers, and investors of all kind can benefit from this system.

According to Forbes, an NFT is an authentic and irrefutable ownership record; no one can steal, replicate, or forge it. Nowadays, thousands of users and investors consider this platform a top-notch network that will reinvent the global economy.

The impact of Blockchain in the Future of Sports

For football franchises, Blockchain is a new channel to reach their fans and expand their markets. For NFTs, this is a golden opportunity to expand their reach and be part of multiple industries.

With faces like Gerard Piqué and Antoine Griezmann, and associations with big-name teams, such as FC Barcelona and Juventus, Blockchain projects itself as a crucial player in the sports market.

The financial round has proven how powerful this network is and what role it could play in the future. Thanks to the Football Fantasy Industry, countless investors can witness how a decentralized system based on cryptocurrencies can benefit the global market. As a result, more industries implement digital assets as part of their financial strategies day by day.

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