Moncon Wins Grant for the Web

Infinite Labs obtained the Grant for the Web thanks to our innovative software to decentralize and monetize content: Moncon.

Grant for the Web promotes the use of Web Monetization, a W3C standard for private web payments. This lets the user pay for content to the website owner without revealing personal data, using Blockchain and the Interledger Protocol (ILP) as its core technology. 

We received this finance thanks to our compromise and strategy to reinvent subscription standards and protocols online. With this grant, our software aims to become a new model with higher security and monetization standards. Moreover, to turn into a cutting-edge system to transform the current problems online for creators and their public.

What is Grant for the Web?

Grant for the Web is a $100M fund created and run by Coil, alongside Mozilla and Creative Commons, three world-class digital firms, to support promising web monetization projects.

The aim is to help build a decentralized digital environment for the future, a secure ecosystem without security leakages, frauds, harassment, or discrimination.

Our software –the only of its kind across Spain– surpassed competitors from over 20 countries to reach this fund.

Moncon’s Scope toward a Safer Digital Environment

On the one hand, the platform gives authors, publishers, and designers of all sorts a secure model to satisfy their targets. On the other hand, it delivers to the audience the best and safest experience in cyberspace.

Diego Torres, CEO of Infinite Labs and leader of Moncon, says: “Only 1% of users subscribe. Moncon offers the possibility to monetize the other 99% easily and quickly with just one click.”

The software uses Blockchain, one of the most efficient and reliable networks to make transactions nowadays. This way, by creating a wallet, users can pay immediately in the currency they prefer. Further, it allows authors to make each piece unique and irreproducible through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

In Moncon, data remain untraceable and unreachable while publishers can monetize through 100% of their public. Simultaneously, consumers can enjoy their content through micropayments without fees, ads, pop-ups, and digital threats. 

Today in  Infinite Labs, we introduce this platform as an innovative hub where publishers and their audience can coexist harmonically, modernizing the monetizing models remarkably.

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