Digital Assets | What They Are and How They Disrupted the Internet

Digital assets are files stored digitally, any type, including texts, images, audios, videos, tokens, and so forth. As computerised elements, they have a binary code, just like a personal fingerprint, which is their signature. 

In simple words, this code makes a file unique on its kind, providing it with an irreplaceable identity online and offline. Plus, you can possess and create diverse assets to monetize them, including illustrations, apps, awards, and more.

These files are the bricks of the digital realm you enjoy nowadays. Such data have existed in cyberspace since the creation of modern computers. But, today, their relevance is getting noticed as never before, especially through cryptocurrencies and:

The NFT | A Game Changer in Cyberspace

First off. According to The Verge, an NFT is a one-of-a-kind asset, being the Ethereum Blockchain the best network for them.

With the rise of blockchains on the web, the potential of digital assets skyrocketed globally. In this boom, the Non-fungible Token has been a protagonist at all scales, from artists, freelancers, and developers to world-class media and agencies.

In short, any sort of digital content can become a monetizing digital resource. And every single program, videogame, artistic work, video, image, or publication may become an NFT. This way, creators and investors will dispose of new monetization and investment models.

For instance:


In 2017, the Canadian company Dapper Labs launched the CriptoKitties, a collectable card game that resembles Pokémon. Today, this case is known worldwide for its astonishing success in the market.

In September 2018, the company sold Dragon, a collectable NFT, at 600 ETH ($170,000). According to The Next Web, this was the most expensive kitty ever purchased. 

This case proved the versatility of this model. As with the Cryptokitties, countless projects, such as movies, videogames, and artistic works, to mention a few. 

This event demonstrated the potential of this model. However, this isn’t the only example of successful NFTs.

Notable Cases of Digital Assets Sold in Recent Years as NFTs

Investors also witnessed the potential of these resources thanks to cases like these:

  • In 2018, the Nyan Cat meme, a crypto art rendition from 2012, got sold for the incredible quantity of $590,000.


  • In October 2020, Gerard Piqué, invested in a collectable game based on NFTs. In February 2021, his partner, Antoine Griezmann, joined the inversion in a $40 million financial round.


  • The same month, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, an American art collector, purchased a 10-second video at $67,000. Shortly after, he sold it for $6,6 million


  • In February of 2021, the anonymous player nicknamed “Flying Dragon” purchased the blockchain game Axie Infinity for 888 ETH ($1,5 million).

The list of investors in this sector grows unstoppably. This barely emerging market hides millions of opportunities for creators, owners, and companies. As a result, assets are changing the market as you know it today, picturing an unimaginably promising scenario for the future.

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