7 Benefits of Moncon for Media

The typical subscription model is losing  effectiveness, leaving an average subscription rate of 1% of users. But that’s when the benefits of Moncon for your media get visible.

Moncon is a decentralized platform that provides publishers and consumers with an innovative way to enjoy and benefit from digital content. In other words, a portal to revolutionise the current web ecosystem and introduce new monetization standards.

How? Discover it below.

The Three Fundamental Benefits of Moncon for Media

In the coming years, publishers and content creators will reduce their audience due to the conventional system of ads and long subscriptions. 

According to the New York Times, many consumers hate ads and prefer to pay for avoiding them. And that’s why media need to reinvent their strategies, beginning with a:

  • Safe platform based on Blockchain: Blockchain is recognized as the safest network for payment methods. Sensitive information and operation data will stay safe. Every transaction will be carried out within Moncon; so, there’s no chance for leakages.

  • Low production cost: the creation and delivery of premium content doesn’t have to be so pricy. You don’t have to pay for joining the platform and launch your work.  Only a fee from 3 to 5%, depending on the volume of your material.

  • Conversion (over 99% of users): the software allows you to create a paywall based on micropayments. With it, you can boost the conversion rate and turn that 1% of users who don’t subscribe in a 100% standard.

Four Additional Pros for Media that You’ll Love

A reliable model is a key factor to increase the revenues of your media, but it’s not the only one. The portal wouldn’t be complete and couldn’t satisfy your public so well without:

  • Currency Diversification: the software provides plenty of currencies to use, including dollars, euros, yen, and cryptocurrencies. Also, creators can invest in a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to authenticate their work and make it unique. 

  • Quickness: Moncon offers payment at your fingertips. With just one click, netizens can pay instantaneously and get the material they seek, all in a few seconds.

  • Customization: you can adjust your paywalls and even offer micropayments as you please; and, above all, as your readers prefer. For instance, through one-day free access, last-time offers, first pieces for free, etc. This way, you will build loyalty towards your media and maximise your reach.

  • A friendly user experience: as a creator, you will have a clear layout at your disposal to create and manage your material. As to your followers, they will enjoy an easy-to-use interface without ads, pop-ups, nor unwanted advertising –much more time to engage with your content.

The benefits of Moncon for media don’t stop here. The platform will let you build a different monetizing model, expand your audience, elevate your quality standards, and increase your revenues. This way, you’ll open new and incredible gates for all your creations.

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